Neighbourhood Watch







Approximately twelve years ago Margaret’s local Neighbourhood Watch sent out a newsletter saying that they were in danger of closing down for lack of a Minutes Secretary.

Margaret and Frank decided to go to the AGM and Margaret volunteered her services.

 Later the Coordinator resigned and Margaret took over that office and has been Coordinator of Valley View 2 Area 110 for the past five years.

The group holds meetings bimonthly at which speakers give informative talks  on various subjects such as forensic science, apprehension of drug dealers, DNA use in the identification of the victims of the tsunami and safety in the home.

A newsletter is circulated to the residents so that those people who cannot attend meetings are kept informed of crime rates in the area.

A barbeque picnic is held in December which is popular with the residents and serves to further bond them in the spirit of Neighbourhood Watch and fellowship.

Margaret believes that if you know who your neighbours are, security in the local area is increased.


Margaret delivering notices for neighbourhood Watch