Secretaries to the Medical



Margaret worked for a prominent physician and gastroenterologist in Ward Street, North Adelaide for 32 years. She was a foundation member of the Secretaries to the Medical Profession, a society that was formed to network women who often worked in somewhat isolated offices throughout Adelaide.  The Club promotes friendship among these secretaries and lectures are held bimonthly which serve both as a venue to disseminate knowledge about matters medical and to bring the members together in a friendly environment.

Margaret retired from active work in 2007 when her employer, who had reached the age of 72, retired. She missed the job for about two weeks, but has now adjusted happily to the life of wife and grandmother. However, her happiest hours are still spent in front of the computer, where she now writes material of her own devising rather than letters about ailing patients to ir GPs or long reports about people wishing to make insurance claims for Workers’ Compensation. It is a change for the better! 

She remains interested in medicine however, as old habits are hard to kick, and enjoys meeting her friends who are still involved in the industry. The Association holds an annual Christmas Dinner, and the “girls” like to let their hair down and have a few drinks on that occasion.