The Awakening of the Serpent


In 1998, Margaret received first prize for her short story “The Awakening of the Serpent” entered in the Holiday Fantasia Literary Awards.

 The criteria for the story was the creation of an Australian myth.  



“The Awakening of the Serpent” is a Dreamtime myth of the Rainbow Serpent who sleeps beneath Wilpena Pound, and who awakes and travels to the Devils Marbles, which are in reality her eggs which have lain dormant for aeons. The Mother awakes her children, and they travel to Lake Eyre which is in flood and drink the waters dry.
The Mother exhorts her Children not to pass urine, but to hold it until they reach Canberra when they may void.
A tsunami results which drowns Canberra .
A new capital is established at Uluru which is presided over by a the new female Prime Minister who brings to Australia a new spirit of tolerance and understanding for all Australia 's people.  

This story remains unpublished.